Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits

1.   You can have the best quality food available.  Organic, local, fresh.
2.   You can participate in the global movement to source food locally and reduce fossil fuel consumption.
3.   You can witness the miracle of creation.  Watch and understand the cycles of nature.
4.   You can learn a lot from a garden, and so can your children!  It's fun and educational.
5.   You can know that your food is safe, free of contaminants, and handled in a sanitary way.
6.   You can taste the difference in how amazing fresh food can be.  Direct from your garden to kitchen.
7.   You can save money on groceries and gas, and save time.  Spend time cooking rather than shopping.
8.   You can enjoy the rewarding and relaxing hobby of gardening.  Good for the mind body and spirit.
9.   You can embellish your yard with lovely structures.  Stylish beds and beautiful plants.
10.  You can lead the way and encourage your friends and neighbors to grow food too.  Lead the way to        social change, economic change, ecological change, and culinary change.

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